Cebu and Bohol are like twins. Most people who travel in either of these places will go the other one. I did just like what others usually do. I traveled Cebu and Bohol in just one time for three days. If you want to travel Cebu and Bohol at the same time and for the first time, you can follow my itinerary.

Below is the detailed activities, how to go, and suggested budget during our stay in Cebu and Bohol. You can follow this guide if you are a first-timer.

On the other note, if you are planning to visit Cebu and Bohol in seperate travel dates, you can check each travel guide, my 5 Whats when traveling and tips. Click each photo below to see.


To sum up my travel, here's my video during my Cebu and Bohol adventure. Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more travel videos of mine.