For my loyal readers since my first blog, I know you're wondering why I celebrated my blogiversary soooooo late. To those who didn't know, I started blogging last year April 14. Yes, I know, it's been four months since my blogiversary. I think this explains well how lazy I am. Haha! I think I need to defend myself tho, months before my blogiversary, I'm already thinking how I will  celebrate it. Since t'was my first time, I seek help to my blogger friends and they advised me to run a giveaway contest. Well, I planned for it, okay? Lol. It's just that March and April were busy months for me. Tons of celebrations and travels, not to mention the events I am attending here and there. There is no way I can run a contest with my busy schedule. Swear! Okay, have I removed the thought in your mind of me being lazy? Lol. I thought of not running a contest anymore because, you know, four freaking months passed by! Then I came to realize that I already had 99 blog posts and my 100th post should be special... then the blogiversary banged my mind. Okay, I need to make time for this, after all, it's a double celebration now -- Happy One Year and Happy One Hundred Blog Entries! ♥

I am so amazed how God turned my dreams into reality. My very purpose of blogging is to just share my memories and blessings the Lord is giving me, nothing more. It is really overwhelming everytime I visit my site, I always notice my page views rising up from one reader (my mom) to almost 22,000 readers and viewers now. So for you, who's reading this right now, thank you. I did not originally intend my blog to turn out this way. In just a year, I gained a lot of friends in the blogging community, had a bigger network, learned a lot, attended different events, and receiving tons of gifts. Aaaahhh! The Lord is spoiling me too much. With all of my blogging achievements, I still offer my success to Him. All glory to God alone.

Since I mentioned earlier that I am celebrating two things -- BQJ's 1st Blogiversary and 100th Blog Posts -- I will be giving 2 prizes!!!


Get a chance to meet your favorite performers all in one stage and get yourself wet all night! Join me at this event and together #WeMakeItRain! More deets of the HMMF here.

No need to buy for your Hydro Manila OOTD. Let me take care of it *wink*. Giving you one of my DIY projects (bag's not included. Lol). Check this DIY's story here.

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Giveaway will run until August 23, 2016 (Tuesday). One blessed winner will be announced on August 24 (Wednesday) on my Youtube account. The winner will be chosen via RANDOM.ORG.