Bohol has never been new to me. I visited this small island for the fourth time already. I visited this beautiful island every summer vacation way back when I was in college because we used to have our Church's Youth camp. Bohol is memorable for me since this was the first out of town trip I've been to via plane. I always have a good of impression because of its beautiful scenery and nice locals.

with @jaeeey, my Boholana friend
We always stay at my friend slash churchmate's house whenever we had our summer camps at Bohol. Too bad she's currently staying in Cebu to finish her doctor's degree. But then again, she never failed to help me out by letting her driver (Nong Ramil) tour us around Bohol. She's such a great help and friend. I really love her to bits! ♥

Alona Bamboo House
Since my friend was not in Bohol that time, we just rented a cheap inn along Alona beach. I booked an Island Hopping package at Naldix Bohol Tour and asked them if they can recommend cheap inn where we can stay near the pickup point of our Island Hopping since we need to start the tour 6AM the next day, then they recommended Alona Bamboo House. This inn is real cheap yet spacious and comfortable. We only spent ₱1,800/night for 4 persons (₱450 per head). It has two beds, TV, own bathroom, air conditioned and the most important of all -- WIFI (haha!)

This travel guide might help you if you are planning to visit Bohol for the first time. Click each photo to see.


Here are some tips for you that I experienced when I visited Bohol:

♔ If you are on a tight budget, stick to commuting when roaming around the city. Riding a habal-habal is way adventurous after all instead of renting a car.
♔ Make sure you finish visiting tourist spots in the city before 5PM since most of the places are closing by that time.

♔ Book your Island Hopping Tour at Naldix Bohol Tour. They offer cheapest tour package among the others.
♔ Do not be late or else you will not see the dolphins. Dolphins show up until 7AM only.
♔ Bring waterproof bag so you can bring professional camera or cellphone if you want to have a photo shoot in Virgin Island
♔ Bring your own biscuit, not for you but for the fishes in Balicasag, so you won't buy triple the price of Sky Flakes. LOL.
♔ Bring your own snorkeling equipment and aqua shoes to avoid renting and spending money.
♔ Add the sea turtle watching during your snorkeling activity. It's worth it!

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