Lunch was provided by Northern Hope Tours during our 2-day Island Hopping. We only need to think of our breakfast and dinner. What we did is we shop at the market and cook foods in the house we stayed in because it's a lot cheaper than dining in restaurants. We bought seafood that we can only try on the island of Palawan.

This is one of our tour guides during El Nido island hopping. He's actually good in food prep! ;)

They served a complete meal for us and it is actually satisfying for a tiring activities.

We always eat in the island we are stopping by. Tour guides will just set up a table in the sand and serve all of the foods.

At the end of Island Hopping, we go and eat snacks near the port. Their barbecued foods are so tasty and inexpensive!

Heading back to Puerto Princesa, we had a stop-over to eat at Halfway Coffee Shop and Restaurant. They serve plenty of lutong bahay but its a bit expensive. One meal costs ₱70 excluding rice. However, they serve free water.

Northern Hope Travels provided a free buffet lunch also at Puerto Princesa. We ate at Gusto Grill and Resto after the Underground River Tour. They serve authentic Filipino Cuisine!

This is a Tamilok (Wood Worm). It was sold to us separately for ₱100

We pretty much enjoy the foods and was able to explore different kinds of sea foods! I spent ₱500 for drinks and snacks and ₱500 for dinner contribution. The rest of the food was provided by Northern Hope Travels. Yay!

Let me know if this helped you out by posting a comment below. Have a wonderful trip! More on Palawan tips and guide here.