Dressing up in Baguio is my fave. It allows me to do the layering game. But since I am a light backpacker. I just make sure to lessen the clothes and shoes I bring. So here's the outcome of my OOTD in Baguio. You can also wear these in other cold places.


I wore thick long sleeve clothes and blouses with neck wraps (turtleneck style) and use a cardigan. This allows my body to feel the heat and warm on a cold weather.


It's okay to wear shorts, skirts or mini dresses, however, make sure you put your tights, stocking or high socks to prevent your bones and knees to sore.



Since you are a tourist, I suggest to wear flats/doll shoes to prevent your feet from aching due to long walks. It's okay to wear boots also if you can handle it, It's more fashionable.

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