Of course, unique foods will always be there whenever to travel and visit different places. So here we are trying out and pigging out again with Okoy, Carrot Pancake, Turon Malagkit, and Gizzard!

Basically, these are only the foods you can try in Mt. Pulag aside from the food they serve for lunch and dinner - Pinikpikan is the famous meal here. Oh, I forgot, we also ate some skewers, but make sure to eat it right away after they grill/fry it or else it's gonna be a cold stone.

Buko is the best reliever after hiking the mountain up and down for more than 6 hours. The juice of it inside  is very cold due to the weather that you don't need to put some ice in it. It's really refreshing! This is probably the best refreshing buko juice I had.

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