It's not hard to find souvenir shops in Baguio City. There will always be stores who sells various kinds of pasalubongs in every tourist attraction you will visit. However, when going to Baguio for the first time, make sure to buy the following:

♔ Strawberries
♔ Strawberry Jam
♔ Ube Jam (Good Shepherd)
♔ Walis Tambo (Reed Broom)
♔ Fresh Flowers
♔ Fresh Vegetables
♔ Knitted Clothes
♔ Island Shirts
♔ Keychains
♔ Peanut Brittle
♔ Choco Flakes
♔ Lengua De Gato

If you bought other items than this, I would love to know it by sharing a comment down below.

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