Last year, 2015. Mount Pulag has been known by many Filipinos because its majestic "sea of clouds" and the view of the Milky Way Galaxy at dawn, which attracted a lot of tourists who wish to see the "other-worldly" scenery. My friends and I, without hesitations, climb up to see the majestic creation of God. So, here we are, conquering Mount Pulag!

Mt. Pulag is now the 3rd highest mountain in the Philippines, when before was the 2nd highest. Researchers found pit that Mount Dulang-dulang in Mindanao was few inches higher than Mt. Pulag. It is Luzon’s highest peak at 2,922 meters above sea level. The borders between the provinces of Benguet, Ifugao, and Nueva Vizcaya meet at the mountain's peak.

As you noticed, Mount Pulag is dry and doesn't have too much greenfields in it  because Mount Pulag means "kalbo" or bald and that explains it all. You can also witness certain Flora up the mountain such as Dwarf Bamboo, and the Benguet pine and Fauna such as the Philippine Deer, Giant Bushy-Tailed Cloud Rat ("bowet") and the Long-Haired Fruit Bat.

Before climbing up a mountain, it is mandatory to attend the DENR seminar to know the history, do's and don'ts when climbing up a mountain.

Once done with the seminar, we headed to the Ranger Station then we started to unpack and building our tents. Due to a large number of  hikers every week, we are advised to just stay in the Ranger Station and started hiking. 

And now, the day has arrived. We started hiking 2AM and reached the summit at 6AM. We hike the Ambangeg Trail since it is the easiest trail for first-time hikers like us. It is really cold up in the mountain, I think we reached 4 degrees that's why we cannot feel the sun hitting our faces.

My friends and I were always the last to reach the destination since you know, we're not that really fit and healthy. Lol. We always stop by and take a rest to catch our breaths and at the same time, take selfies. Well, it's fine to take breaks if you feel really tired, you will not get lost when you stop because there will always be a tour guide on the last line to wait for turtles like us. Haha!

We went down the mountain at 8AM and reached the ranger at 12NN. Going down the mountain is way too easy than hiking up, so we are so proud that my friends and I were not the last group in the line anyomore. It's an achievement for us! Yay!

Climbing up Mount Pulag will not be possible without Sir Paul Soriano of Team Pinikpikan. Nowadays, booking a reservation to climb Mount Pulag is really difficult. I suggest you join this team because they offer the following perks:
♔ Certificate
♔ 2 Lunch Meals
♔ Pinikpikan T-Shirt
♔ DENR Entrance Fee
♔ Tour Coordinator Service
♔ Sidetrips after climbing Mt. Pulag
♔ Transportation (Baguio - Pulag - Baguio)
♔ Camping, Cultural, Guide, and LGU Green Fee
♔ Quality Photos (since Sir Paul is a professional photographer) ---> THE BEST PERK! LOL

This travel guide might help you if you are planning to visit Mt. Pulag for the first time. Click each photo to see it.


♔ Bus going to Baguio (roundtrip) | ₱1,200
♔ Hiking Fee (c/o Sir Louie Serrano) | ₱2,000

OPTIONAL (If you didn't bring any)
FOOD | ₱200
Tent Rent | ₱300 

It saddens me that I haven't witnessed the Sea of Clouds nor the Milky Way of Galaxy at dawn. Nevertheless, I still praise God for fulfilling one of my dreams I wrote in my YOLO book 5 years ago, and that is to climb a mountain. So I still thank God for this wonderful experience! I will climb this mountain again until I witness the Sea of Clouds and the Milky Way of Galaxy. Mount Pulag is still L-O-V-E! ♥

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