Matching outfits has always been in the zone. That is why I tried designing my own. I designed these overalls and planned to sell it in the marketplace, but then, I decided to keep it my own as for samples before selling it to the market.

I designed and sewed these overalls months ago and I am really happy that I was able to wear it in Blogger Babes Asia event. What's made it more exciting is that my blogger babe, Jean, wore the other overalls. Yes, we did matching outfits during the event, twinning indeed!


I am grateful and blessed to meet this fierce yet crazy blogger. We did match, not only with our outfits but also with our personalities. We always bring out the craziness and the artistic side of each other.

I believe God has plans for us that's why we are together. Jean is a very nice lady and I know the Lord will bless her more than what she thinks and what she deserves. 

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