Black and White + Leather and Lace = Best love teams of all time! I got a chance to wear my own designed High Slit Overalls in the Blogger Babes Asia Launching Event. I styled it with a Laced Crop Top that I designed for my Fashion Design project. The crop top was originally paired up with a ball gown skirt, but I made the top detached with the skirt so I can use it with my other outfits. I also wrapped a checkered blazer around my waist to complement my black and white edgy look. Lastly, I paired my outfit with a rocking wedge sneakers that I scored in a Thrift shop for only ₱50!

This High Slit Overalls has a twinnie! Check it here.

Lacey Crop Top | My Design
High Slit Overalls | My Design
Checkered Blazer | Huenique
Fancy Jewelries | Huenique
Sneakers | Thrifted