Blessed Queen of Justice is a definition of Justine's full name Maria Regina Justine. BQJ is a lifestyle blog with a focus on DIY, fashion, and travel. This blog has events to keep yourself updated with Justine and YOLO to share the list she wanted to do while she lives. It aims to help the readers bring out their inner passion, to be creative, stylish, adventurous and do whatever they want to do while they can.

BQJ is also open for collaboration and sponsorship with like-minded brands and helps your business more accessible by enlarging your network. Your brand will be posted uniquely and creatively in this blog and Justine's networking sites to make sure the readers will understand and consume your product.


Hi, Queens! I am Justine, a blogger-vlogger based in the Philippines. I am a teacher by profession and an artist by heart. I studied Speech and Theater Arts and Fashion Design & Dressmaking. I am an entrepreneur and a freelance fashion stylist. I am a proud Christian and believes that this blog's purpose is to glorify the Lord showing my talents and blessings He gave me.

I love creating and re-creating something that cannot be used and turn it into a masterpiece. I believe that you don't need to hire someone if you can do it on your own. Just be creative and believe in yourself! Fashion is my baby. I always make sure that I put every effort to it.  I love designing clothes and giving styling tips. I also love exploring beautiful places and sharing travel tips to the places I visited.

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