I've always been wanting to go to Bali until I learned from my blogger friend, Jean, that there is a Balinese-inspired sanctuary in Batangas. With no hesitations, we booked a day tour reservation. This place is perfect for me and my boyfriend to celebrate our fifth year anniversary. We have always wanted to go to a place where we can relax and that is very close to nature. Surely, Cinati Corito's Garden is the definite place for us! This sanctuary is very intimate, very relaxing, and very serene, plus the fact that Cintai (pronounced as Chin-tai)  means "love" in Indonesia. This place is really suited for couples like us.

We went on a day tour since we just want to experience the Balinese ambiance of the place. Going to Cintai is a hassle-free travel even if you don't own a private vehicle.

Upon arrival, the staff immediately accommodated us with smiles and warm greetings. They even gave us welcome drinks.

Complementary drinks from the bar.

We had the chance to start touring around the place while waiting for our lunch. There are a lot of Bali-inspired STONE CARVINGS everywhere.

After the tour, our lunch was finally ready. They served us complete Filipino meal and when I say complete, I mean rice, fish, chicken, beef, veggie, and dessert! It was so delicious! Their cooks are really good. Two thumbs up for the food!

After eating our mouth-watering lunch, we took a rest and enjoy the view of the GARDEN. It is truly relaxing and when you are being surrounded with this beautiful scenery.

Even the RESTROOMS are Balinese-inspired! How cute!

Afterwards, we splash ourselves in the SWIMMING POOLS. They have three swimming pools: two in the main part of the resort and one near the spa.

Lastly, we were able to give ourselves some treats and have a BODY SPA. The massage service is excluded in the package of a day tour.

Overall, this was one of the best places I've ever visited. If you are planning to have a romantic getaway, or even with your friends and families. This place is definitely a must-visit. Nice staff, delicious foods, heavenly ambiance. You should give it a try! Make sure that you book a reservation first before going to Cintai.

From Buendia(LRT)/Alabang, ride a bus going to Lipa.
From Lipa, take a jeep going to Caltex Malabanan.
From Caltex, take a jeep going to Balete and say to the driver to drop you in Corito's Garden
or From Lipa, ride a tricycle straight to Cintai Corito's Garden

Day Tour Rate | ₱1,850
Body Spa | ₱1,000
Bus Buendia-Lipa | ₱95
Jeep to Caltex Malabanan | ₱8
Jeep to Balete | ₱11
or Tricycle straight to Cintai | ₱150
Jeep to Rob Lipa | ₱11
Jeep to Bus Station | ₱8
Bus Lipa-Buendia | ₱95


Cintai Corito's also offer an overnight stay. For more details, you can visit their website at http://coritosgarden.com/ or you can directly contact them at 0917-833-1508.

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