I met this lovely lady, Honey Grace, two years ago as one of my Shop's Re-seller. Never in my mind would expect that she'll be one of my genuine friends. She is sweet as her name, a loving spirit, and a kind heart. I proved it once when she was there when I need help. She didn't ask too much and instead she just said, "I'd be willing to help whenever you need to, Ate." Take note: we've never had a chance to meet until now, yet she trusted me and helped me out. From then on I believe that the Lord has touched her to help others and I know that He will bless Honey as how she blesses someone. She deserves all of the blessings she has today. 

I keep on praying that someday, I might return the kindness she showed me. Then, her wedding happened.  She's getting married and looking for a designer for her gown. So I told her that it will be my honor if she let me design her gown. With no hesitations, she said yes!

This is very challenging for me because I never met Honey, even for the fitting of the gown  I just made this gown based on the measurement she sent me and let prayer do the rest. Lol. Then I just deliver it to Honey's province after finishing it.

Front design of the gown. 

I made the top fit from bust to waist to make the illusion of longer upper body built which to make the bride look taller.

Focused details of the gown. 

I made pleated gown designed with embossed lace and clear gems and sequins. 

Back details of the gown 

The heart-shaped back requested by the bride herself.

Back details of the gown without the train.

Back details of the gown with the train.

Bottom design of the gown.

The veil with detailed lace lining.

This was my very first wedding gown project and I am grateful that Honey was my first client. Best prayers to the newly wed couple. Congratulations Honey & Ronell! May the Lord be the center of your relationship.

Oh, before it ends. I would like to thank my friend slash ate, Ate Ceejay, for helping me finish this gown. I appreciate the effort and support! All the love!