I went to the mall and saw this NonWoven Telephone Box Wardrobe Storage Unit Hanging Rail and it's on SALE for only ₱699. Of course, you know what I did next after seeing the SALE tag... Yes, I bought it!

This is the actual wardrobe after setting it up. As you notice, it has a hanging rail only. There's no divider to consume the space of the bottom part of the wardrobe. That's why I made my own version of a divider. I will share you how I made it.


♔Non-woven Telephone box Wardrobe
♔Flexible Thread Ribbon (Garter)
♔Thread Scissors
♔Needle and Thread
♔Rubber Bands
♔Electrical Tape
♔Color Dye for the garter (optional)


 STEP 1. Set up the wardrobe skeleton. The following numbers are the different parts of the skeleton:
1: Base for top and bottom panels (4pcs)
2: Bars for top and bottom support and hang rail. (5pcs)
3 & 4: Connecting bars for side support. (8pcs)

STEP 2. Connect Bars for top and bottom to its base.

STEP 3. The base with three bars should be on the top for the hanging rail.

STEP 4. Connect bars for the side panel.

STEP 5. This is the actual set up. Measure width x length of the wardrobe for your divider.

STEP 5. Cut the garter half of the actual length and width of the wardrobe. Sew it together.

STEP 6. Put marks on each corner.

STEP 7. Make a hole in the marked corners.

STEP 8. Shoot the holes in each corner of the sidebars.

STEP 9. Now you will see the garter stretched out and fitted into wardrobe's actual size.

STEP 10. Add more garter horizontally and vertically to support the clothes you will put.

STEP 11. Sew each pinned garters.

STEP 12. Remove the excess garter.

STEP 13. As you can see, the garter pulled inwards because of the added garters.

STEP 14. Add another garter and shoot in the sidebars and sew it together.

STEP 15. Put rubber bands under your divider for it not to slide down when you put your clothes.

STEP 16. Cover it with an electrical tape.

STEP 17. Slide down the divider until you reached the rubber band locks.

STEP 18. Put some of your clothes.

STEP 19. Put the Non-Woven Telephone Box.

STEP 20. Now you can maximize the space of your wardrobe!