My first travel ever did, well I'm not including the family outing here (LOL). I can say that this is probably my own first travel ever, since I did all the planning, decided on my own where to go, and of course, I spend my own money out of this. Haha! So, I can say it is pretty fulfilling for me. Finally I can now start the trabaho - ipon - travel mantra. Hihi! My boyfriend and I decided to go to Ilocos Region to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary together. Since this is our first travel that's far from our place, we decided to have a land trip travel only, and Ilocos is one of the best places to visit to in Luzon. 

Well, as a first-time traveler. we expect things to go smoothly. Our itinerary was to go both Ilocos Norte and Sur over the weekend. We started traveling Friday evening since the travel time would be 12 hours, so we could be in Ilocos around 6AM. Unfortunately, we experienced heavy traffic and got stuck in the road for more than 9 hours! We got really shocked! One whole day of our itinerary was ruined. We landed in Pagudgud at around 4PM so we just decided to stay in Saud Beach and tour around Pagudpud the next day instead.

Good thing Ilocos never failed us to have a happy weekend and a memorable Anniversary travel. One of the best things we experienced in Ilocos are the nice people. Oh my, our tour guides are the best! Our North Bound Tour Guides were kids, yes kids! - and take note, they are professional photographers. They told us the foreigners taught them how to use SLR cameras. So, most of our fantastic photos are taken from these kids.

Here's our South Bouth tour guide. He is the best also, he made us sure that we learned a lot from the history of Ilocos and at the same time enjoy! He is a natural comedian!

Photo by Chasing Philippines
We stayed at Cathy's Homestay. The transient was really clean, has its own bathroom, air-conditioned. The place is quiet also so you can sleep for the night calmly. Ate Cathy is very polite and nice. I suggest this homestay because it is just walking distance in Saud Beach and some restaurants.

They serve fried rice, hotdogs, longganisa, and fried eggs for breakfast and coffee for the two of us. It is included in the rental fee we paid, so it's a good package deal. Clean and safe place from good food!

 This travel guide might help you if you are planning to visit Ilocos Norte for the first time. Click each photo to see it.


Below is the detailed plan, how to go, and suggested budget during our stay in Ilocos Norte. You can follow this guide if you are a first-timer.

Ilocos Norte is such a serene, calm province - a perfect place to stay away from the stress in the city for a weekend. If you are planning to celebrate your anniversary just like we did. I assure you, you can freely enjoy yourselves here with less crowd but definitely with a great scenery.