Say hello to summer! 

I know you girls are so much excited and preparing now to hit the wonderful beaches - booking travel destinations, getting tanned, buying sunblock with the highest SPF, a camera and selfie pods - but admit it, ladies, what excites you the most is to prep your OOTDs for your much-awaited vacay this summer. 

Maxi dress is one of the staple summer outfits. Of course, you want to make sure that you packed at least one maxi dress in your travel bag. If you don't have a budget to buy one, might as well go to your closet and hunt for any long dresses you kept that you're not using anymore.

As for me, since I don't have any old long dresses, I went to my fave thrift shop to buy a cheap dress. I bought this over-sized dress for only 70 pesos! This dress is too large for me and too simple for my Boracay trip. I decided to cut it off and re-invent it

♔Maxi Dress
♔Washable Pens
♔Thread and Needle
♔Seam Ripper
♔Thread Cutter
♔Measuring Tape

STEP 1. Detach the upper, belt on waist, and lower part of the dress.You should use a seam ripper, NOT SCISSORS!

STEP 2. Detach upper and lower part of the dress. 

STEP 3. Detach front and back part of the dress. You don't need the back part anymore since it's a backless dress but keep it to make a tie later.

STEP 4. Make a straight line for the front part of the top in the armhole area.

STEP 5. Cut it. Make sure you leave at least half inch allowance.

STEP 6. Cut the belt on waist based on your waistline. You should measure it into half since the belt is folded into two for front and back. My waistline is 24" so I marked it 12". Again, leave half inch allowance when cutting.

STEP 7. Cut 2 straight lines and 4 triangles using the dress remnant. This is for the tie since I'm making a backless dress.

STEP 8. Sew the parts and attach again the lower part of the dress. No need to modify the lower part. Just stretch the upper part to fit the width of the lower part of the dress.

Now, these are the 'before and after' photo.

Front Part of the Dress

Back Part of the Dress

Tada! Just put a bikini top and you're ready to go and ramp on the beach! Have a wonderful summer ladies!

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