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Never thought I would literally taste Japan in my own country, Philippines, not to mention specifically in my hometown which is located in the South. I am just so lucky to discover this authentic Japanese Restaurant, the IPPON YARI. I am not exaggerating but this restaurant deserves to be popular! I will reiterate that later, let me tell you something about Ippon Yari first.

Ippon Yari was established in 1996 as a small Japanese restaurant in the city of Makati that serves only a handful of dishes. However, the dedication of the owner to serve only the authentic taste of Japan has since garnered a lot of customers. Years after, Ippon Yari branches to Southern Luzon, where most Japanese companies and factories were located. In 1998, Ippon Yari opened a branch in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, where I dined with some of my blogger friends.

The Japanese feels were present upon entering the restaurant. I saw a cherry blossom tree and a food stand where they store different kinds of sushi. So lovely!

Jun Fukuru, the branch manager, said that it is the "Quality First" policy that made the restaurant successfully run for 20 years. The food and service quality is much visible that my friends and I experienced it!

 The interior design of the restaurant was originally adapted in Japan to make the customers feel they really dine in the land of the rising sun. These mini rooms will make you feel more intimate and enjoy quality time with your loved ones while eating your favorite meal.

During the lunch and dinner rush, they serve a "set menu" with specific choices on a special menu for each day to lessen the serving time and waste ingredients. This will also benefit the customer to save time on ordering lunch or dinner especially Japanese customers value their time.

Ippon Yari provides Japanese magazines for customers who wants to read while chillin' in the restaurant. They also provide television with Japanese shows and oh my, these Japanese displays. It creeps me out when I saw this Daruma Doll!!! If you have watched the Japanese movie, "As the God's Will". you probably know what I am talking about.

Want to know the secret of their food to have an authentic Japanese taste? Well, they just go to Japan and order ingredients, not a big deal, as if Japan is just a supermarket few blocks away (lol). Imagine the dedication of this restaurant for their customers to experience the authenticity of the Japanese foods. No wonder they gained a lot of loyal customers.

Dining in Japanese restaurants was not my thing since I experienced eating an awful taste when I tried a Japanese food in one of the Japanese restaurants way back. That's why I told to myself, I would never ever eat in a Japanese resto ever again. Then, Ippon Yari came and literally changed my appetite for Japanese foods. I would never thought that Japanese foods were actually amazing! I am so glad I discovered this restaurant! Cheers to Ippon Yari!

If you are a Japanese food lover and haven't tried Ippon Yari yet, you are missing the chance to experience the authentic Japanese food and aura in PH. Still don't believe me? Try it out yourself! 

Visit IPPON YARI at BRANCHES in the South. It opens everyday at 11AM - 2PM | 5PM - 11PM

Santa Rosa Branch:
2/F Piazza Bldg. Sta. Rosa Estates, Tagaytay Road, Santa Rosa, Laguna
Tel: (049)541-1634/35; (02)925-1272
Globe: 09178453887; Smart: 09985308623; Sun; 09228489896

Calamba Branch:
Barangay Real, National Hi-way, Calamba, Laguna
Tel: (049)502-0333; (049)508-2745; (02)925-6003
Globe: 09178453877 Smart: 09985308622 Sun: 09228489895

Cavite Branch:
FCIE Compound, Langkaan, Cavite
Tel: (046)402-1179/(046)402-0988; (02)925-2886
Globe: 09178453818 Smart: 09985308619 Sun: 09228374654

LIMA Square, LIMA Technology Center Arcade, Malvar, Batangas
Tel: (043)455-7028/29; (02)736-8941
Globe: 09178453806 Smart: 09985308618 Sun: 09228374619

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