by - September 08, 2016

Madeline Stone of Business Insider reported that a selfie capital of the world has officially been named. After extensive analysis by TIME, Makati City: a part of the Manila metropolitan area that's generally known as the financial center of Manila, ended up on top. To compile the rankings, TIME created a database of more than 400,000 Instagram photos that were tagged with the hashtag "selfie" and included geographic coordinates. 459 worldwide cities were ranked according to how many selfies were taken there between January 28 and February 2 or between March 3 and 7.

Selfie Cafe is expected to gain strong grounds in the Philippines, being the selfie capital in the world. On one hand, the popularity of coffee shops or internet cafe continuously grows at an exponential rate. Coffee has become a staple, and it is quickly becoming a necessity in one's day to day living. The Selfie Cafe shall be a significant part of this growth n the industry given its refreshing idea, where a customer enjoys a cup of coffee where his or her selfie is printed on the coffee froth or whip cream top. Selfie Cafe does not just make coffee foam or letter art. It prints selfie on the coffee drink. The customers, regardless of age, gender, and interest, shall enjoy a cup of coffee while loving and admiring pictures of themselves. This brings to their slogan: "It's all about you."

Right now, they also get to put on your drinks, cupcakes and cookies some inspirational verses, cartoon, pictures of celebrities and emoticons which our customers find enjoyable and interesting. Selfie Cafe offers a variety of drinks, not just coffee. It offers signature blend, selfilicious for kids, iced shaken. Likewise, Selfie Cafe offers non-selfie hot beverages, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and pastries. We are also developing panini for all day breakfasts. These products are competitively and reasonably proved based on our study of the competitor's product prices. A coffee drink starts at  ₱100.

Selfie Cafe takes pride in using one of the best imported coffee beans in the world. Selfie Cafe uses only the hand-picked, naturally processed finest quality coffee beans that produce well balanced, non-acidic, rich and full bodied coffee. The beverages are the results of constant quality tests, and never-ending search for the best. No short cuts. Selfie Cafe is the only store that provides the best coffee experience. Ever cup of coffee is a product of synergy and collaboration of the people behind it, both the management and staff. This is where the difference lies.

Hurry and try your own selfies printed in a coffee. It is worth the try, I swear! You can also check their Instagram Selfie + Cafe = Happy Customers

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