by - September 08, 2016

Are the rainy days dragging you down? Do your day to day obligations control your time and you feel like you are living in a world of sameness? Everything is the same and you just want to engage into something more exciting and interesting even just for a while? Take a break from the monotony. Grab a Cadbury Dairy Milk and let its smooth and chocolatey taste bring you that exciting and extraordinary feeling.

I witnessed the Joy Wagon last September 8, 2016 at the Venice Grand Canal Mall. Watch out for the Cadbury Joy Wagon carrying novelty items, activities and free WiFi around the metro. Rain or shine, it will definitely bring joy to many, especially those who are feeling trapped in their daily routine. Enjoy musical performances featuring special guest artists. With the Cadbury Join Wagon, create novel, share-worthy, and smooth experiences. Join the fun at Cadbury Joy Fest around the metro.

Visit www.facebook.com/cadburyph for more updates.

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