by - September 10, 2016

Clozette is like a 3-in-1 instant coffee - you get (1)fashion, (2)beauty, and (3) shopping all in one instantly. It is a digital ecosystem where content, community, and commerce converge to enable brands, retailers, and designers to engage with stylish, savvy and connected audiences on an innovative platform. Being a clozetter for a year, I can definitely attest that I experienced more than just the three things they offered.

September 10, 2016, exactly a year ago today, I joined Clozette with Jean Dalida's (Clozette Ambassador) persuasion. At first, it was really confusing, I didn't exactly know what to do. All I know is that I  get fashion and beauty ideas from other clozetters and can share my own fashion and beauty tips as well. Little did I know, Clozette has something more to offer.

November 30, 2015, 2 months of being active in Clozette community, I received an email telling that I am now a Star Clozetter. Star Clozetters are selected members of the community who have great style and engaging uploads. People behind Clozette monitor the site daily to see the members’ uploads. So if they sent you an email telling you are now a Star Clozetter, that means your uploads have really stood out! That is a kudos for you! This motivates me to become more active in Clozette, earned 17K social beats and continue to hashtag clozette in all of my Instagram posts.

June 21, 2016, 7 months after being a Star Clozetter, they emailed me again inviting me to be part of the Clozette Ambassador family. Then on, I experienced a lot of perks that helped me become a better blogger and a vlogger. Wanna know why? Below are the five reasons why joining Clozette is like winning a trophy:


Before I joined Clozette, I tried to join in one of their contests. Luckily, I won. Can you believe it? It was my first time joining online contest ever, didn't expect to win, but then, I did. The mechanics of their contests are usually very easy. In this contest, I just need to tag two of my friends in the photo, and then that's it! My friends and I won Clinique products, Yay!


Who doesn't want to see their faces in a fashion website? Oh no, not me! I always feel "kilig" whenever Clozette features me on their website and social networking sites. Just upload the best OOTD and/or selfie on your Instagram or Clozette account and they'll notice you too, trust me.


One of the perks of being active in Clozette is that you get a chance to attend events. I was invited to five different events in just a year and got a free shopping spree, makeup tutorials, hair color, and a lot more. You should check out my experience in each event. Click the title of each photo to see.


Now this one is priceless! Clozette connects me with these ladies who are fashion and beauty enthusiast like me. I've always wanted friends whose major problem is the outfit to wear, what would be the best angle in the photo and what filter to use. Some people might see it as "kaartehan" but for us, it's just "art" so deal with it. LOL. Now, we built friendship and still connect and bond outside events. I am always thankful to meet them.  Now I have a lot of "babe" aside from my man. Lol. They are the sweetest!

with my co - Clozetters, @itschincenidoza, @camilealdrienne, @styleberryjam, @fabmav, @jamilajoyce_c, @rochelleabella, and @skinniestjean


Last, and the most important thing, you'll get a chance to express yourself more and channel that inner fashionista that you are depriving in your entire life. Do not be afraid to share your ideas and talents! A lot of Clozetters are waiting for you to share those fashion and beauty tips of yours, even the Clozette management, they are all sweet and approachable. You can actually hug and kiss them whenever you see them somewhere. They are nice like that!

Now, want to sip that 3-in-1 coffee already? With the reasons I gave, I doubt you will think twice. You should try it yourself and enjoy the perks I am enjoying right now. Sign up here and once you are a member, learn how to get started here. I can't wait to for you to become a Clozetter, let me know and I swear I'll follow back. *wink*. See you in Clozette!

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