by - August 08, 2016

I was invited by Kojiesan to attend their 10th Year Anniversary the day after the my CeBohol trip. This is quite ironic since I should be celebrating with Kojie by being the whitest and fairest during the event. Then there's me, flaunting my tan line. LOL. I guess I need to use Kojie products after my trip to achieve the fair skin I used to have.

On the other note, I told you earlier that this event happened the day after my travel, I wasn't able to prepare for my OOTN. On my way to the event, my blogger friend texted me that the guests are wearing ball gowns and. I had a panic attack! Seriously. This tested my styling skills, I still have 30 minutes before the event starts so I hurried to the nearest mall to buy a new set of outfit. I bought a jumpsuit because this is what only suits my budget haha. I don't want to spend too much on something that I will only use once or twice.

Jumpsuit | Forever 21
Heels | H&M
Choker | DIY

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