by - July 29, 2016

Cool kid at school was never been my persona way back 5 years when I was still studying. Maybe because I just don't like the feeling of being "in" or popular. It gives me stress and pressure to be at my best anytime and anywhere. I love playing the average student in the school, always in the lime-light, and never try hard to impress someone, even my professors. Now that I am a teacher, I always tell my students that being a cool kid doesn't mean you need to be the star player, the cheerleader, the teacher's pet, or the competitive student. Well, I am not saying that you should not be like those I said earlier. You can be one, you can be a star player or a cheerleader, just remember that you are not doing it to become cool or popular. Being yourself, learning and being contented in your own achievement without the expense of others, that's being cool, not that typical know-it-all student who tries hard to be famous. That's not cool, so don't fall for it!

Anyhow, this is what I wore last Penshoppe Runway Show. Blending in with their theme "Cool Kids District" I wore a baseball shirt inspired dress paired with a wedge sneaks, striped socks, and a backpack. I contrast this cool outfit with a nerdy look by wearing my specs. Hope you like it!

Dress | Thrift
Backpack | Boyfriend's
Socks | Penshoppe
Shoes | Korean Store
Specs | Ooh

Photos by Joseph Tabor

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