by - June 27, 2016

Ever bought paper dolls that only costs one peso in sari-sari store with free candies in the straw hole? Then build them paper houses or appliances using a shoe box? Ever played Tamagotchi and pretend like a mom and take care of your virtual baby? What about the kisses that we believed that they multiply when we seal them inside the cotton with alcohol? Ever tried being the 'mother' in 10-20 or Chinese Garter? Or save cute tiles for your pamato in piko? Oh, and don't forget the scented stationeries with scented pens that you collect and never used. Lol. If you experienced all of it, then definitely you are a 90's girl! I would say that I am blessed to be part of this generation, where smartphones and the internet are not existing. I had the time of my life back when I was a kid because I experienced physical activities that kids nowadays do virtually. I just love the memories when I reminisce the past. I am so proud that I get this shirt from GTW by SM during the I Am Woman event and I am loving it! Nothing beats 90s! 

Statement Tee | GTW by SM
Knitted Pullover | GTW by SM
Denim Shorts | Gap
Cap | SM Accessories
Sneakers | Stradivarius
Wrist Watch | Casio

Photos by Frame Rivas

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