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Last May 19, 2016, Sample Room finally had their official media launch at Balai Indang, Cavite. We  literally got away from the city for a while. Just like what their slogan says, "Try Before You Buy", we were able to try every product being presented during the event and it was really fun! Sample Room Team did a great job in this event: relaxing ambiance, Instagram-worthy design, Coachella vibe, delish foods, and trying out all the product for free (the best part! Ahhh!).

Photo by @kervinluy
I even won a dreamcatcher from a raffle. My review on a certain product was chosen. Sweet! I had a blast in this event, really did! Kudos to Sample Room Team!

SampleRoomPH Team
I've learned 4 important things during the event: (1) Knowledge is Power, (2) Try-vertising is the New Shopping, (3) Plus Points, (4) Digital and Actual.

with my duet, @skinniestjean
There is no doubt every woman has had buyer’s remorse over a beauty product—because it’s not for her skin type or because it was a shade too light… or just because. Imagine a beauty market where every woman is given the power to make informed purchasing decisions and the power to try a beauty breakthrough or an established classic, a drugstore pick or an ultimate splurge before actually buying it.

What sounds like every woman’s dream is now a reality with Sample Room, which has been changing the landscape of the Philippines’ beauty sampling service since 2012. With its huge online community of beauty experts, beauty junkies, and fellow consumers, Sample Room doesn’t only let you choose which free products to try, it also provides real and honest details about the product and customer reviews—more than enough information to help you make an informed decision before you buy.


Don’t just get into shopping—go Tryvertising. Read real reviews by ladies who have tried a product and assess if it could be right for you before you make the purchase. Only Sample Room lets you “tryverse” easily, without regrets, and anchoring on the Zero Moment Of Truth, where every woman gets everything she needs to learn about a beauty product before making the purchase decision.

The premise of Sample Room is simple: It allows you to acquire beauty and lifestyle products in deluxe-size samples, and sometimes in full-size for free with the goal of educating you about your choice products first before you decide to purchase in-store—saving you the hassle of and the time and money from getting huge beauty-ballistic-bottles that apparently don’t work for you. Sample Room is the Philippines’ first beauty and lifestyle sampling website, which now has over 45,000+ members, 390 featured products, and over 115 partner brands.

As Sample Room is committed to helping you find your match when it comes to skincare, cosmetics, and other beauty and wellness domains, it takes product reviews seriously. Honest ratings and reviews from fellow beauty junkies, beauty experts, bloggers—all with varying skin types, ages, and concerns—who have tried the site’s featured products will surely help you navigate through the bewildering world of beauty samples and find what could work for your skin type and concerns.

Unlike many product sampling websites, however, where you pay monthly fees to avail of regular deliveries of random beauty items, Sample Room allows you to specifically choose what you want to try from its well-curated mix of beauty brands and products. All you have to pay for is a minimal amount in shipping & handling fee, and you’ll get the comfort of having your beauty loot delivered at your doorstep.


It works by using earned points as its currency. As a new member, you instantly get 100 points upon registration, which allows you to get as much as 3 sample products in your shopping cart. Points required for acquiring items range from 15 points to 1,000 points, depending on the brand and the item itself.

Bar soaps could be for 15 points, a sample size moisturizer could go for 50 points, a good-for-a-week sample of a luxury perfume requires 60 points, and a full-size tube of lipstick could be for 100 points, for instance.  With many items requiring minimal points, your 100-startup credit goes quite a long way.

You may re-earn the points you’ve spent by rating and reviewing the items you have availed. For instance, if you availed of pre-glued eyelashes for 70 points, rating it on the site instantly earns you 1 incentive point plus the 70 points rebate from your written review approved by the site’s admin.  This way, you can keep on availing for new items throughout your membership. You can also earn 1 point for every registered referral to the site.

If you want to fast track your points acquisition, however, you may opt to become a VIP member and purchase 1,000 points for P649, which you may use to avail of more premium products for two months. The VIP membership also gives you exclusive invites to events, parties, and workshops, earlier notifications for new product uploads, as well as occasional bonus gifts from its brand partners. This VIP membership is renewable every two months.


One of the best things about Sample Room is its real community with members interacting beyond the digital sphere.  Apart from the online site, members get the chance to attend beauty events—from summer getaways and makeup sessions to spa parties, beauty blogger get-togethers, and other lifestyle activities and events that help in making every woman knowledgeable and empowered in every beauty aspect while adding to her arsenal of beauty brands.

Photo by @kervinluy
Each year since their establishment, Sample Room hosts an annual get together with their loyal patrons as a way to giving back to the support they have received. This 2016, Sample Room has invited members of the media, partner bloggers, and VIP members to a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where they will be treated to a relaxing and fun getaway filled with fun activities, de-stressing, and of course, sampling of new and all time fave beauty products from a beauty addict’s favorite brands.

With Sample Room’s wonderful mix of luxury, niche, and drugstore brands, every woman will definitely find a favorite amongst its brand partners. In many cases, too, samples come in full-sizes such as lipsticks, BB creams, and mascaras, among other thrilling surprises.

What are you waiting for? Log on to and get started! How to join Sample Room? Visit my blog post here.

Watch below the StyleDuet's On The Go segment: Sample Room Media Launch.

To know more about the latest products, exclusive perks and special offers, follow @SampleRoomPH on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat!

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  1. What a brilliant event! I always have buyers remorse, especially when the product doesn't really raise to my expectations. I would love to have a chance to try it before I buy. Great workshop!

    1. Thanks Joanna! SampleRoom is a great help for us Filipinas. Can't wait for you to try it :)

  2. Great idea! It really pays off to try the product first before buying the larger size. This is very helpful for those that have sensitive skin. It will also educate the consumers and will help the them decide. Love the pink suitcase/box too!

  3. Sample room is a Brilliant idea. We had similar website idea when we were brainstorming on a company to develop. Good to hear that there's already such community. It mutually favors both producers and consumers which makes it very helpful.

  4. This is the first time I've heard of Sample Room. It seems like a good idea. I always buy the small-sized products first but unfortunately not all brands have this.

  5. It's really a Coachella vibe get-together. Events like this is breathtaking for me! I love to be with people who shares the same interest and passion as I do. Btw, are you with Aya? I saw in her IG that she also attended the same event.

  6. This is such a cool idea! I guess trying out the stuff you wanna buy before you actually buy it is really good for consumers.

  7. Even before, I always love how Sample Room works. Once you truly know how it really works, you'll know how it is value for your money plus getting a first dibs of new products.

  8. I really love this concept! I'm sure that this will be the next trend and I am excited to try my own sample :)

  9. I love Sample Room's concept of 'try before you buy' because, let's face it, not every product is going to work for us. This is a wonderful way to test a sample product and see how effective it is. :)

    Mimi | Chasing Bleu

  10. I had a blast in this event! We're so lucky to be part of it. :)

  11. I like their theme on this event. So girly and chick. Sample room is a hit been going to their website but wasn't luck enough coz the products that i want to try is out of stock but I love reading reviews about each product so that is helpful already

  12. I've always wanted to try Sample Room, but the healthy organic products that fit me are out of stock whenever I check haha.

  13. I'm in love with the theme of this launch! Super boho. Plus, your thigh-high strappy sandals. It reminds me of Nadine Lustre. I agree too, the most important about a brand is when a community dedicated to talking about them forms!

  14. Wow! I love your outfit here! I wanna go boho too. Anypoo, I've been a member of Sample Room for like 3 years now and it is good to know that they also organize events like this.

    P.S. Where'd you get that thigh-high strappy sandals? I so want one.