by - June 09, 2016

Let's take a vacation in impressing boys by wearing girly stuff. It's now time to show them that we can be a badass sometimes. Sporting a masculine outfit was not easy for me, like you need to walk like men and act like men when wearing one. I'm more on a preppy/boho chic so this outfit is a challenge for me because I always go for artsy prints. Men loves to tone their outfits down, keep it monochrome and simple. So for this outfit, I wore a black buttondown, pair it with plaid trousers and a pair of oxford shoes.

Well, I'm not the only one loving Monochrome. With the #HQrew @iradeniseoyco @jpbdeleon @skinniestjean and @carloignatius ♥

Buttondown | H&M
Plaid Trousers | Uniqlo
Oxfords | Thrifted

Photos by Joseph Tabor

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