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New local restaurant celebrating the best of the country’s 7,107 islands opens in Bonifacio Global City. Filipinos have long embraced modernization. They have learned how to adapt easily with the changing times. Alongside this comes the decline in preserving local traditions and culture, including the sense of Filipino pride. But Pinoy pride is everywhere – in culture, arts, and food. 

This inspired couple Gerwyn and Sheryl See to come up with a way to uplift and preserve it by showcasing the best of the Philippines through 7107 Culture + Cuisine, the newest culinary and hospitality destination in The Fort located inside Treston International College.

“Through 7107, we are committed to celebrating the best of what our country has to offer – the beauty, richness, and uniqueness of our culture,” said the owners Gerwyn and Sheryl. “We want to influence the Filipinos, especially the Philennials, and give them a stronger sense of identity and pride,” they added.

Project 7107, the company behind 7107 Culture + Cuisine, is a collaboration between Treston International College and MASE Investments Inc. Developed as a real-life and industry-based learning platform for Tourism, Hospitality, and Culinary Students of Treston, the restaurant aims to create and nurture cultural and heritage appreciation as they are poised for global hospitality practice.

The restaurant shows the richness of Filipino culture and cuisine through its four different food sections: Kanto, Dampa, Talyasi, and Himagas. “We want to represent the multiple facets of our cuisine and how they are deeply rooted in our culture – from the simple street food born out of our ancestors’ resiliency to the colorful fiestas that celebrate fruitful harvests,” said Gerwyn and Sheryl.

Filipinos are resilient, creative, and resourceful by nature. These characteristics paved a way for them to come up with unique ways of presenting even the simplest of Pinoy merienda treats. Under Kanto, customers will get to enjoy snacks such as Sisig Nachos, Malunggay Pestocino, and Chori Burger Sliders.

With a country blessed with bodies of water, seafood is a definite must-try in Filipino cuisine. The dishes under Dampa will take diners to an under-the-sea food adventure that will have them craving for more. Some must-try dishes include Bangus Caesar Salad, #VitaminSea Chowder, and Bangus Sisig Flipside. Aside from being hospitable, Filipinos also value togetherness and close family ties.

Thus, the very reason why there are many fiestas across the country. Talyasi symbolizes these special occasions through its menu, which boasts of all-time Pinoy favorites such as Krispy Kare Kare, and Bulalo v2.0.

Filipinos are known for their sweet tooth! A meal will not be complete without dessert or Himagas. Under this food outlet, customers can indulge in sweet treats such as the Molten Pastillas Lava Cake, Buko Pie ala Mode, and #Epic7107. 

After enjoying a scrumptious meal at 7107, customers can also check out the treats that they can get from the Sari Sari Depot, which promotes homegrown retail brands such as sustainably farmed wooden products, healthy chips, dips and jams, and artisanal chocolates.

The restaurant with symbolisms of the Philippines gives customers delight not just with food, but with its artsy ambiance as well. The hip and cool 7107 Culture + Cuisine will serve as an extension facility for local artists from various industries to showcase their talents and contribute in their own way towards creating a sense of local pride for every Filipino. 

Currently, it showcases the wall art by glocal illustrator Daryl Feril, whose works have been
featured by luxury brands around the world. “Aside from serving good Pinoy food, we want 7107 to be the place where we can appreciate local personalities that have world-class talents like Daryl. Pinoys can be recognized if they are given the space and opportunity,” said Gerwyn and Sheryl.

Indeed, 7107 Culture + Cuisine is #NotYourAverageLocal. Cheers to Filipino pride!

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Photos by JP De Leon

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