by - May 19, 2016

Dreaming is not over for a grown-up lady like me. Everyday I wake up chasing my dreams and making them come true. How do I say that I chased my dreams? Well, you wouldn't be able read this if I haven't chased it. Yass, being a blogger is one of the dreams I finally chased and I always thank God for giving me such dreams and make it happen. Now I'm sharing this drive to you, my reader. You can chase your dreams, you just need to believe in yourself and most importantly -- believe in the Lord -- dream catchers won't help, only God can!

What I really want to share here is... my outfit at SampleRoomPH Media Launch (LOL). Sorry, I got carried away with the title of this post. Haha! Bohemian fashion is one of my favorite style since it's all about being unconventional and free-spirited. This fashion let me escape from being a prim-proper lady. It's like a fashion vacay for me!

Dress | Kultura
Vest | Thrift Shop
Headdress | DIY
Strap Sandals | Etsy

Photos by Jean Dalida

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