by - May 20, 2016

Who wouldn’t want to try the product first before buy them? Sample Room is a sampling site that banks on the power of free product sampling. It is an online community that changes your beauty shopping pattern; and an interactive community where your opinions matter and where all beauty lovers are valued.

Sample Room is committed on aiding you to get the best beauty product that matches well with you. Their mission is to educate consumers about products before buying them. Aside from giving out free product samples, Sample Room also provides reviews from local consumers who have availed of the samples, beauty experts and partner bloggers making it a one-stop avenue where beauty shoppers get to read, learn and try all at the same time!

Sample Room’s vision and inspiration are for all consumers to have a happy and confident well-being. Sample Room will continue to innovate and partner with brands in reaching out more effectively to consumers. They are motivated to make your every purchase worth it.

You don’t need to:
♔ take a risk at a full-sized product that may not work for you or may give you an allergic reaction

♔ rely on reviews alone that might not jive with your skin type (as you get to try the product yourself)

♔ waste money on a product that might not work for you

You will be able to:
♔ patch-test, and road-test the product you are interested in purchasing if the product suits you and works well with your skin

♔ experience the product and decide after finishing a sample size if the product is right for you

♔ read reviews from consumers who have the same skin type as yours

♔ enjoy your purchase, as it is a well-researched and well-informed purchase. Definitely value for your money.

1. Register. Register and be a Sample Room member! Being a member makes you qualified to get free samples from our website.

2. Get free points upon registration. Upon registration, you get 100 points to start your Sample Room adventure! These points can get you samples based on the sample roster that we have.

3. Choose your sample. Each corresponding sample has a given number of points for it to be availed. Ise your points to get the available samples.

4. Check out. Go to check out and pay for the shipping and handling fee.

5. Receive your samples. Samples arrive on your doorstep! Yay! Time to road-test your samples!

6. Post a review at Rate and review on each of the products you have chosen to try.

7. Get points by reviewing, get a new sample to try. You earn more points as you rate and review a product. The points you earned will give you the opportunity to get more samples! The more samples you receive the more points you get, and that means more samples to try.

8. Buying of points. Register and be a sample room member! Being a member makes you qualified to get free samples from our website.

I received four items to try on (Rexona Motion Sense Invisible Dry, Olay Skin Whitening Bar, Modess Cottony Soft, and Silka Premium Whitening Lotion). Can’t wait to use it and write a review about these products! Be a member and get your samples now! Register at


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  1. Yay! so glad to read your post. Sample Room will be very beneficial to consumers, especially to us girls who are very keen on the products. Was wondering if the price of the products in are cheaper or the same with the ones in the market?

  2. Hi, Roommate! I'm a Sample Room newbie and I'm loving it. I got my Olay Night Ritual from them. Joining the community is really as easy as a pie. :)

  3. Wow. This is a win-win situation for us consumers. I also once subscribe to this type of box but with BDJ Box. I must admit, it's a great idea since sampling of products are critical for people with sensitive skin. Would definitely be recommending this to my friends. :D

  4. Haven't tried Sample Room but I've heard about it a couple of times already. I think it's a good deal for all the ladies out there :)

  5. I used to join before but have since stopped. It used to be a pretty good deal but I've had fair share of disappointments.

  6. I have already registered an account with sample room but I have not yet order or review the products. The way it works is really remarkable as it allows the consumers to test the products before purchasing a bigger version. The community of reviewers are also a great help to the undecided buyers of the product.

  7. I need this site! I have a sensitive skin and it's hard for me to buy products for it. This will surely help me. Thanks

  8. I recently made an account with Sample Room and I'm so excited to try their products and give reviews. :)

  9. I'm already a member of the sample room community but I have not tried the services yet.

  10. This is great strategy and sort of advocacy from Sample Room - teaching the consumers to be wiser buyers. :)

  11. It will soon be my sample room anniversary and I love being part of it. It is fun to try items first before spending on it and sometimes they give full size samples which are so worth it!

  12. Glad to know about Sample Room. I'm curious about it and you've walked me thru clearly with your post. I might try it one of these days. Hope to read more of your reviews! 😊

  13. Now this is something for me to try. I love samples, well I enjoy anything to try for free. I'll be checking them out today. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I remember, when I first heard about Sample Room, I wasn't that convinced to try them out. I didn't like the pointing system since you only get to earn one point after every review. I thought it wasn't fair but when I began using it, and got full sized products, not that bad after all!

    Louise | Tales & Escapades