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I was invited together with other Clozetters by Miss Lystra, RCD Manager of Clozette, to attend an intimate beauty gathering with the shuMaster at Shu Uemura. I was invited together with other Clozetters by Miss Lystra, RCD Manager of Clozette, to attend an intimate beauty gathering with the shuMaster at Shu Uemura, Powerplant. We experienced being spoiled, teaching us makeup techniques, and most importantly - help us take care of our skin.

"Beautiful makeup starts with a beautiful skin." -- a famous line by the founder and legendary Japanese make-up artist Mr. Shu Uemura. He believes that quality skincare is essential to creating an artistic make-up expression, Shu Uemura" uses only the most innovative skincare formulas and breakthrough technologies to reveal every woman’s inner beauty.

ShuMaster Patrick demonstrates easy steps to become shu-beautiful with the help of my co-Star Clozetter, Jamila Castillo. The ShuMaster started with cleansing the face then applying makeup, below are the steps and names of the products used.

Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil 

Cashmere skin quality: Ultime8 Complex delivers softer, smoother and moisturized skin for an exquisite makeup finish. The precious essence of 8 exquisite botanical origin oils has been merged together. These oils carefully sought out from Chinese medicines and beauty oils all over the world, are proven to have the highest skincare efficacy. Utlime8 cleansing oil effortlessly removes all make-up and impurities. 

Tsuya Youthful Radiance Generator Essence

Reactivate your skin’s youth. 7 days to porcelain-fine, petal-soft, translucent glowing skin. Shu Uemura has now unlocked the innermost workings of the skin and harnessed the latest discoveries in cellular biology to reactivate cell regeneration and reveal a dramatic skincare solution that reaches new heights in achieving beautiful, youthful skin. 

Multi-Concealer Palette

Each palette contains two shades and a double-sided applicator: 
1. skin-tone shade (left): To match your skin tone to naturally conceal skin imperfections.
2. camouflage shade (right): To use on intense skin imperfections to moderate the color. Layer the skin-tone shade to blend color into your skin.

The Lightbulb UV Compact

When seeking higher coverage, natural glow tends to be lost or powdery finish starts to appear. The light bulb UV compact foundation, formulated with the lightbulb™ oleo-technology and the lightbulb™ pearl, together with an original double-sided polishing sponge created with 20 years of know-how, empowers you to polish up your glow for a flawless complexion without a powdery look.      

3D BROW STYLING: Step 1 (Brow Ink)

A 24-hour long lasting unique liquid formula that naturally shadows the brow hair. brow ink delivers a natural and professional finish. adds a 3D appearance by coloring the skin between each hair with a special flat brush.

3D BROW STYLING: Step 2 (Hard Formula)

#1 eyebrow pencil beloved for more than 25 years. This unique eyebrow pencil is available in 5 shades and only releases color pigments when it interacts with the oils in the brow hairs. The result is a natural, defined brow look. The hard formula pencil is smudge-proof and long-lasting.Please note: hard formula does not come sharpened in the shape of a samurai sword. 

3D BROW STYLING: Step 3 (Eyebrow Manicure)

Shu Uemura's long-selling, beloved eyebrow manicure has an upgrade with the innovative brush specialized in brow application. The brush is design to match any shape of eyebrow easily and catches any length of eyebrow easily.

Drawing Crayon

From serene elegance to glamour—discover the infinite looks of blossoming pastel colors with these drawing crayons. Do-it-all eye shadow liners in soft and defining shades. These colorful drawing crayons have a long-wearing formula with colors that stay true all day. Waterproof and resistant to smudge. Blend in to use as a single color or as a base to make your eye shadow colors brighter. Creamy soft texture allows you to draw lines or paint eye contours. 

Stretch Xtreme Precise Finish Waterproof Mascara

A revolutionary mascara that represents a dramatic new way of achieving extremely long, full, beautiful lashes. The secret is the perfect combination of a breakthrough double fiber formula with a brand new application system. Developed after extensive research, the new formula has properties of a gel, so it can be applied and reapplied in ultra-fine, film-like coats. this precision layering effect allows users to build their desired volume, but still maintaining dramatic, separate lashes.

Rouge Unlimited Lipstick

The Vision of Beauty Haute Street collection includes Shu Uemura's signature lipstick in four limited edition shades. Available in two different textures to complete your Haute Street look. Shu Uemura's 2 central lipstick shades in City Neon and Avenue Sunset are formulated to give your lips long lasting supreme moisture and comfort.

I used these two lippies to achieve the ombre lips I wanted. Experiencing this kind of pampering helped me realize that makeup is certainly not the key to a gorgeous face but a healthy and well-moisturized look. You don't need to apply thick makeup on your face just to look fresh, just apply Shu Uemura's cleansing oil and feel rejuvenated.

Experience the Japanese art of beauty by having a personalized makeover too! Get a chance to have an exclusive makeover with the ShuMasters. Just follow the mechanics below.


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