by - December 12, 2015

I can't thank the Lord enough for the double blessings He gave me this month. First, StyleDuet has finally launched. Jean, my blogger twinnie, and I planned to have our own styling services few months back. I just can't believe that all of these plans that we had before finally come to life. This just proves that if your plans are in-line with the Lord, He will definitely prosper it!

StyleDuet is now ready to cater clients who are need of styling service. Here are the following services we offer:

1. EDITORIAL:  involves conceptualizing and organizing the photo shoots for the pages in fashion magazines and other media publications.

2. VIDEO/TV: involves styling models or actors/actresses for advertising commercials, film clips,  industrial and educational videos. Involves style actors, talent, live broadcasts, news and current affairs, breakfast television, sitcoms, soap operas, dramas, styling show hosts and visiting talent.

3. CELEBRITY: involves buying their day-to-day wardrobes, choosing an outfit for a media event, such as a fashion show, photo shoot, movie premiere or press interview. 

4. RUNWAY: involves organizing events and fashion parades. This could involve public speaking/comparing, working backstage at fashion parades, selecting models, organizing the running order, selecting garments and/or accessories, selecting the venue.

5. PERSONAL SHOPPING: involves selecting clothes for a client.

6. MERCHADISE:  involves creating displays of products in retail stores or for photo shoots.

7. PRE-NUPS/DEBUTS: involves thematic wardrobe and props, conceptualizing themes and ideas for the venue background.

We can also provide PHOTO/VIDEO, HAIR AND MAKE UP, VENUES, and other services with a discounted price from the suppliers.

We are the newest styling duo in the metro that will make fashion easy by translating your personality into a fashion statement. We aim to empower you develop your own distinct taste and expand your comfort zone in fashion while making sure you embrace who you really are. We create a fulfilling wardrobe for every season and any occasion. From everyday looks to a special event and media styling-StyleDuet is here for you! We are excited to be your stylists! If you have more questions about the services and rates you can email us at

StyleDuet will have a Vlog where we give free tips in styling and shopping. We will also have an episode where we choose random followers to give free styling makeover. We do this to share our talents and thank everyone in supporting us. In line with this, we want to give our first giveaway promo. We will be sending sets of outfits for the winner and get a chance to be featured in our "Style Ambush" episode with one of the famous internet sensation. Follow the mechanics below to win:

1. Subscribe in our Vlog (Youtube account)
2. Like our "Styling Services Offered" video
3. Share this video on your Facebook (make sure your post is public)
4. Copy and paste this in your caption: Share this video if you want a FREE styling makeover for 2016 from #StyleDuet.
5. The winner will be announced in our Vlog on December 25, 2015.

*Those who subscribed, liked and shared the video will be listed in the entries. Don't forget to hashtag #StyleDuet so we can see your posts.

Oh, by the way. I told you earlier that I received double blessings this month. This second blessing is becoming a Star Clozetter in Clozette! Yeeeeey! Thank you Lord! How could I ask for more!

Photos by Thirdie Gipit

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