by - October 03, 2015

Blogger Babes Asia is the very first event I attended in Blogging field, thanks to my friend Jean! She invited to join this event organized by Clozette and Blogger Babes. I never thought twice because I know this is the first step of enhancing the blogger side of me.

The launching event was held at VYNE Tapas Bar and attended by different fashion and beauty enthusiasts around PH to learn more about blogging.

Three different speakers shared their tips and life experiences about blogging and vlogging. It was truly a great experience for me!

Heidi talked about her experience when she started blogging.  She taught us how to market our personal brands.  I learned that in blogging, it's not just posting whatever you want to, but instead know your readers' wants and how to touch and help your readers through your blog posts.

Vern and Verniece got my attention. They are very sweet and genuine. I felt their passion of sharing us newbies on how to get the success. I learned from them that blogging is all about knowing your passion and work hard for it.

Dana is a very humble vlogger.  I even remember her saying "Without my readers, I will never be here." She always returns the love and blessing that she receives by becoming the best beauty vlogger she can be.  I learned that even if you are at the tip of your success, you should never forget that without your readers, you will never get there.

I am happy meeting new wonderful people from the world of blogging. After all, blogging is all about connecting networks and gaining friends.

Clozette gave us cutie souvenirs before leaving the event.

I also claimed my prize in winning the #ClozetteStylishSeptember. I received, two lippies and two nail polish from clinique and one of the colors is pink, yay! I gave extra prizes to my two other friends I tagged! ♥ 

Check my Twinning Leather Overalls blog post to know more about my blogger babe, Jean, and about my design.

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I am excited to apply everything I learned in this event. I got to know different techniques and ways to make my blog even better. God bless Clozette and Blogger Babes Asia for giving free tips to baby bloggers like me.

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