by - August 29, 2015

Most girls say, "I don't like wearing a loose dress, it makes me look fat!" or "Eww! Orange! Soooo baduuuy!" Well as for me, "Orange loose dress? Don't care, I'm still gonna wear it anyway!"

Listen, ladies, don't let other people hinder you in wearing whatever you clothes you want to wear. As I keep on reminding you, you are beautifully and wonderfully made by God. Just be confident and strut your style and yes, I am living what I preach. I wore this orange loosed dress for my cousin's debut.

Just accessorize it with sparkling gold jewelry and bag, you will definitely outshine everyone. Golds usually complement most of your outfits especially if you wanted to look more sophisticated and classy.

Orange Loose Dress | Thrift Shop
Orange Heels | Thrift Shop
Gold Jewelries | Huenique
Gold Heart Clutch | Genki Mnl

Photos by Ceejay Cariño

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